A New Beginning

Heya folks. Welcome to my blog. As everything should have a first, this blog post is the first to appear on this humble weblog of mine: To Be Frank. Just so you know: I am pretty happy with that apt name. Better to have a weblog with it.

Why this blog? Every blog needs a mission statement to keep writers and readers on track, so here goes: my busy mind always has something to tell. This can both be fortunate and just a pain. Often I have stories to tell, thoughts to share and things to show. Long or short stories, simple or complicated thoughts, or happy or just plain dreadful things. This blog is a home for all of that. Mainly for me, but also for you – the reader. Maybe in ten years, I will have built a treasure trove of experiences and knowledge that you might find interesting or useful. And honestly, something I personally can look back to or refer to at any time. Because experience is what makes us human.

Meanwhile, it has been a long time ago I last attempted to do something with websites, blogs and whatnot. Breathing some life again in a website (and not leaving unused domain names rotting around) was long overdue. Here’s to hoping I keep my discipline up to keep this place beating.

I hope you enjoy the shared journeys, incoherent ramblings, and interesting tidbits I felt like keeping.

– Frank Lemmers

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